The world is constantly changing, and with it, the way we do business. Technology has revolutionized the way we live, work and play. It’s also had a big impact on marketing. There are endless ways to use technology to reach your target audience. Nowadays, having a website is not enough – you need to use technology in your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 creative ways that you can use technology to improve your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for new ideas to increase website traffic or just trying to find more efficient ways to communicate with customers, these tips will help!

Create a social media profile

Social media has become one of the most important tools for reaching potential customers. Nearly everyone is on some social network, allowing you to promote your brand and connect with people more personalized. There are numerous different platforms that you can use, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Choose the platform(s) your target audience is most likely using and start building an online presence! For example, if you are selling area rugs, you might want to focus on Instagram, which is the most popular social platform for young people.

Use data analytics

Use data analytics tools to monitor your social media presence and track the engagement level of your audience. This will help you see what types of content are most effective, allowing you to optimize your strategy continually. For example, if one type of post generates a lot more likes than others, you can start creating more of those posts to maximize your reach. For example, if you trade baby products, you might want to focus on Pinterest and Instagram since young moms are the most likely to use those platforms.

Use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a type of marketing that uses complex algorithms to select the most relevant ads for users based on their previous browsing behaviors and preferences. This allows you to target your marketing efforts more precisely, which can lead to higher conversion rates and improved ROI. For example, if you notice that a certain demographic tends to be interested in your products, you can use programmatic advertising to target that demographic specifically.

Create a Mobile App

Mobile apps are a great way to connect directly with potential customers. They allow you to engage users in new ways and can increase brand awareness by simply being present on people’s phones or other mobile devices. You can use analytics tools to track your app’s performance and adjust based on user feedback and usage data. For example, if you notice users spending less time on your app or uninstalling it, you can use this data to improve and drive more engagement.

Invest in Online Advertising

Many businesses are now turning to programmatic advertising to engage potential customers on the internet. This online advertising allows you to target specific demographics and users with relevant ads. You can also use different ad formats, such as videos or interactive images, to catch people’s attention and encourage them to explore more content on your website or app. For example, you could use programmatic advertising to promote your new product line or run a campaign to increase awareness of your brand.

Use Content Marketing

Use Content Marketing tools to boost your marketing efforts. Various tools and software are available to create content more efficiently, such as online blog and article creators, social media schedulers, image editors, and webinar platforms. These tools can help you quickly produce high-quality content appropriate for your target audience and easily shared across different channels. For example, as a seller of wool rugs, you might use an article creation tool to create a blog post on “how to choose the perfect rug” and then share it on your business’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media pages.

Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is another effective way to reach a wide audience online. Whether you create your videos or use user-generated content, video clips are a great way to tell stories and engage viewers on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, including text captions can help those who might not understand the audio to follow along with what more easily. Another way to use video marketing is to create “how-to” videos. These videos can be especially popular on YouTube, as they are easier for users to search and share. This content also lets you showcase your products or services in action, giving people more confidence in your offer.

Implement search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help your content appear higher in search results. SEO is optimizing web content to improve your organic (unpaid) search listings on Google and other major search engines. This involves using focused keywords and writing text that reads naturally while including the keywords you want to target. Using long-tail keywords can also be helpful, as they tend to have less competition and are easier to rank for.

Increase your website’s conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process that involves using web design, content, and marketing strategies to increase the number of visitors who take action on your website. This could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or completing other desired goals. Techniques used in CRO can include A/B testing different versions of a webpage, creating optimized landing pages that focus on a specific goal or action and using data analytics to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging current and potential customers. You can connect with your target audience and build brand awareness by creating email newsletters, sending targeted emails to segmented lists, or running ad campaigns through email advertising platforms. Additionally, there are tools available that help you track the success of your campaigns so that you can optimize your efforts and maximize ROI.

Use Web Push Notification

Web push notifications are another effective way to reach your audience and promote your business. You can stay top-of-mind with users and increase engagement by sending out push notifications at key touchpoints in the customer journey. Additionally, these notifications allow you to collect valuable data and insights about user behavior that you can use to optimize your marketing efforts. For example, RugKnots, an online retailer of high-quality handmade rugs, uses web push notifications to promote new product launches and special discounts. By engaging with users, RugKnots can stay top-of-mind and increase sales over time.


While you can use many marketing strategies to promote your business, incorporating technology into your marketing efforts is a great way to reach and engage your target audience. Whether you send out push notifications, run targeted ads on social media, or optimize your website for search engines, many tools can help you survive on top of the latest trends and reach your target customers in new and exciting ways. By using technology in your marketing efforts, you can stay ahead of the competition and see better results from your marketing campaigns. Talk to a marketing consultant today for more information on bringing technology into your marketing strategy.

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