Here are some best practices to consider when connecting to AWS RDS with Lambda using pymysql:

  1. Use connection pooling to reuse connections and reduce the overhead of establishing new connections. Pymysql includes a connection pooling feature that you can use to achieve this.
  2. Use environment variables to store sensitive information such as the database username and password, rather than hardcoding them in the code. This will make it easier to manage and rotate these credentials.
  3. Use parameterized queries to prevent SQL injection attacks. Pymysql includes support for parameterized queries, which allow you to pass parameters to a query in a safe and efficient way.
  4. Consider using IAM authentication to connect to the database instead of using a username and password. With IAM authentication, you can use temporary AWS credentials to authenticate the connection, which can be more secure than storing a username and password in the code.
  5. Monitor the performance of your database connection and tune it as needed. You can use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the performance of your database and identify any issues that may be affecting the connection.
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