To add triggers to a workflow in AWS Glue using boto3, you can use the add_workflow_trigger method of the GlueClient class.

Here is an example of how you can use this method to add a trigger to a workflow:

Copy codeimport boto3

# Create a Glue client
glue_client = boto3.client('glue')

# Set the parameters for the trigger
workflow_name = 'my-workflow'
trigger_name = 'my-trigger'
predicate = {
    'conditions': [
            'cronExpression': '0 0 * * ? *',
            'logicalOperator': 'EQUALS',
            'state': 'SUCCEEDED',
            'workflowName': 'my-dependent-workflow'

# Add the trigger to the workflow
response = glue_client.add_workflow_trigger(

This example adds a trigger to the workflow with the name my-workflow, using the trigger name my-trigger. The trigger will be activated when the workflow my-dependent-workflow succeeds, according to the specified CRON expression.

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