Yes, you can select a video file in Django without using a database. In fact, Django provides a number of ways to handle file uploads without using a database, including the following:

  1. Using Django’s built-in FileField and ImageField: These fields can be used to handle file uploads and automatically store the uploaded files on the file system. You can then use the FileField or ImageField to retrieve the uploaded files in your Django application.
  2. Using Django’s storage backend: The storage backend provides a way to handle file storage in Django without using a database. You can use the default_storage object to store and retrieve files on the file system, or you can use a custom storage backend to store files in a different location (e.g. on a remote server).
  3. Using Django’s File and Image objects: The File and Image objects provide a way to handle files in Django without using a database. These objects allow you to create in-memory files or images and use them in your Django application.
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