Yes, it is possible to use MySQL to interact with Elasticsearch and find matches. There are several ways you can do this:

Using a MySQL connector for Elasticsearch:

There are several open-source connectors available that allow you to connect MySQL to Elasticsearch and query data from Elasticsearch using MySQL syntax. These connectors typically use the MySQL JDBC driver to connect to MySQL and the Elasticsearch REST API to connect to Elasticsearch, allowing you to run MySQL queries against Elasticsearch data.

Using the Elasticsearch SQL plugin:

The Elasticsearch SQL plugin allows you to query Elasticsearch data using SQL syntax. To use the plugin, you first need to install it on your Elasticsearch cluster. Once installed, you can use the Elasticsearch SQL JDBC driver to connect to Elasticsearch and run SQL queries against it.

Using a MySQL-compatible database proxy:

Another option is to use a database proxy that translates MySQL queries into Elasticsearch queries and returns the results to the MySQL client. This allows you to use MySQL as a frontend to query Elasticsearch data without having to connect directly to Elasticsearch.

Regardless of which approach you choose, you will need to ensure that the MySQL and Elasticsearch servers are properly configured and can communicate with each other.

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