The error message “Error: Cannot find module ‘undertaker'” usually occurs when the undertaker package is not installed in your project or it’s not installed correctly.

Undertaker is a task manager for gulp, it allows to create and manage tasks, and is a dependency of gulp.

To fix this error, you can try installing the undertaker package by running the following command in your project directory:

npm install --save-dev undertaker

This command will install the undertaker package and save it as a development dependency in your package.json file.

If the problem persist, it’s also possible that you have a version mismatch between gulp and undertaker. You can check your installed version of gulp by running gulp -v and undertaker by running npm list --depth=0 If the version of gulp is higher than the version of undertaker you have installed, you may need to update undertaker by running npm update undertaker.

Also, make sure that you have the latest version of NodeJS installed, sometimes this error is caused by using an old version of NodeJS.

Try running the commands again after doing the above steps and that should fix the error.

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