To automatically import content into WordPress from a URL with information in JSON format, you can use the WordPress HTTP API to retrieve the JSON data and the wp_insert_post function to insert the data as WordPress posts. Here’s an example:

phpCopy code// Get JSON data from URL
$response = wp_remote_get('');
$data = json_decode(wp_remote_retrieve_body($response), true);

// Loop through the data and insert as posts
foreach ($data as $item) {
  $post_data = array(
    'post_title' => $item['title'],
    'post_content' => $item['content'],
    'post_status' => 'publish',
    'post_type' => 'post',

Replace '' with the actual URL of the JSON data. The wp_remote_get function is used to retrieve the JSON data, and the json_decode function is used to convert the data from a JSON string to a PHP array.

The foreach loop is used to loop through each item in the data array and insert it as a WordPress post using the wp_insert_post function. The post data, such as the post title and content, is specified in an array that is passed as an argument to the wp_insert_post function.

You can schedule this function to run automatically using the wp_schedule_event function in WordPress, or you can use a plugin such as WP-Cron or WP Schedule Posts.

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