You can execute CSS inside jQuery only if a specific body class exists by using the hasClass method in jQuery to check if the body element has the required class. Here’s an example of how to use this method to conditionally execute CSS code in jQuery:

$(document).ready(function() {
    // Check if the body element has a specific class
    if ( $('body').hasClass('your-class-name') ) {
        // Execute CSS code if the class exists
            'property1': 'value1',
            'property2': 'value2'

In this example, the $(document).ready function is used to ensure that the code runs after the document has finished loading. Inside this function, we use the hasClass method to check if the body element has the required class. If the class exists, we execute the CSS code inside the if statement.

To customize this code for your specific use case, replace your-class-name with the name of the class you want to check for, and your-selector, property1, and value1, property2, and value2 with the CSS selector and property-value pairs you want to execute if the class exists.

Note that this code only executes once when the page is loaded. If you need the CSS code to update dynamically as the user interacts with the page, you may need to use a different approach, such as using an event handler to check for the class and execute the CSS code as needed.

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