You can send an image along with text in the success message of a Contact Form 7 form in WordPress by using HTML code in the message.

Here’s an example:

phpCopy code<img src="your-image-url.jpg" alt="Your Image">
<p>Your success message text goes here.</p>

To implement this in Contact Form 7, you’ll need to add the HTML code to the “Message Body” field in the form’s settings. You can access this field by going to the Contact > Contact Forms section in the WordPress dashboard and clicking on the form you want to edit.

Here’s an example of what the “Message Body” field could look like with the HTML code added:

cssCopy codeYour form has been successfully submitted.

<img src="your-image-url.jpg" alt="Your Image">
<p>Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you soon.</p>

Note: You’ll need to replace your-image-url.jpg with the actual URL of the image you want to use in the success message.

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