It sounds like you are encountering an error message when creating a tag in NebulaGraph Database with a default value.

There could be several reasons for this error message. Here are a few things you could try:

  1. Check that the default value you are specifying is valid for the data type of the tag. For example, if the tag is of type integer, make sure that the default value is also an integer.
  2. Make sure that the default value is within the range of valid values for the tag. If the tag has a minimum or maximum value constraint, make sure that the default value is within that range.
  3. If you are using a custom data type for the tag, make sure that the default value is compatible with that data type.
  4. Check the documentation for NebulaGraph Database to make sure that you are using the correct syntax for specifying default values for tags.
  5. If the problem persists, you may want to try using the NebulaGraph command-line interface (CLI) to create the tag and see if you get a more detailed error message.
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