he -> operator in WordPress/PHP is an object operator, it is used to access properties and methods of an object.

The -> operator allows to access a property or a method of an object. The left side of the operator is the object, and the right side is the property or method that you want to access. For example:

$post = get_post(1);
echo $post->post_title;

In the above example, $post is an object of the WP_Post class, which represents a post in the WordPress database. The -> operator is used to access the post_title property of this object.

This operator is similar to the “.” operator in other object-oriented programming languages, it’s used to access class members. The arrow operator is a shorthand notation for referencing an object’s property or method, where the object is on the left side and the property or method on the right side of the operator.

It’s important to note that if the property or method does not exist or is private/protected, PHP will throw an error, and you will have to debug it.

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