Forex Trading, Diverse time frames and market conditions lead to the development of different trading methods. Consequently, compiling a list of the top Forex signal services is challenging. Everything depends on the signals you require. Look for a Forex signals in 2023 that delivers live signals on telegram if you require daily signals.

Before enrolling, you should also research the provider’s trading history and customer testimonials. Consider a source that provides signals with high accuracy if you’re looking for high-profit signals. The best source of trading signals is at home.

Real-time Forex trading signals are offered by a variety of Forex signal providers. and are a couple of the most effective signal providers. Each of these signal providers has a different approach to offering trading signals, therefore it is up to each trader to assess each one and choose the one that is most appropriate for them. However, I’ve created a list of five of the best free forex signal telegram group & channels in this article.

Top Authentic Forex Signals Telegram Channels

The top Telegram channels and groups that regularly and reliably offer forex trading calls are listed below.


Ultreos Forex is One of the top Telegram channels for free forex trading signals. However, if someone asks me which Telegram channel provides the best forex signals, I’ll suggest Ultreos Forex Premium Access. They assist traders in a variety of ways, including by educating them, offering strategies, determining lot sizes based on their risk tolerance, and more. They offer both free and paid signals.

Pros and Cons of Ultreos Forex:

  • They have two Telegram channels and groups, each with more than 70k subscribers.
  • Ultreos Forex is one of the most genuine and trusted telegram channels.
  • Moreover, by utilizing their forex signals, you can generate a steady income.
  • With graphs and charts, you’ll be able to properly assess the forex signals.
  • Along with the forex trading signals on the channel, stop-loss recommendations will also be provided.

2. Forex Trading Signals (Paid & Free)

Forex Trading Signals is one of the most successful forex signals telegram channels. intriguing tools available to traders to make money in financial markets like forex is the use of trading signal websites. Due to this, using trading signal services has grown in popularity, especially among those looking to earn from the Forex market but lacking the requisite skills to do so independently.

The length of the forex signals might range from minutes to days to weeks to months. All Forex indications aim to produce a performance, albeit some can withstand more volatility than others. On the other side, in order to provide performance, the forex signals may attempt to:

Pros and Cons of Forex Trading Signals (Paid & Free):

  • Take profit and stop loss instructions are included with EVERY alert.
  • When a trade is initiated, the TP and SL levels are complete and do not need to be adjusted at any point. ALL signals have been completed.
  • The service offers an unlimited-time, free tariff.
  • Currently in testing, the service offers all paid signals along with a free option.

3. Forex Signals Club (Free Trading Signals)

Forex Signals Club: Free Trading Signals is another great Telegram channel for receiving free forex calls. The station has a global online presence and caters to an international audience. However, there are about 5,000 members to free forex signals.

The goal of the personal project Forex Signals Club: Free Currency Signals is to assist forex traders in utilizing our potent artificial intelligence algorithm for making forecasts on the forex market.

Free Forex Signals from the Forex Signals Club Predictions are generated in real time for short-term trading with an emphasis on making signals accessible, reliable, and free.

Pros and Cons of Forex Trading Signals (Paid & Free):

  • They advise you to utilize Telegram because it is the quickest way to receive real-time notifications.
  • Although their predictions are 60% to 70% accurate, trading forex for a short period of time is quite risky. Do not copy signals without modifying your method.
  • You must modify your trade in accordance with your broker because the open, take profit, and close for loss prices of the signal do not include a spread price.
  • Signals shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth; rather, they should be regarded as signs that something happened in the currency market.

4. BeSomebodyFX Forex Signals (Fundamental)

BeSomebodyFX Forex Signals (Fundamental) is one of the best free forex call providers on the Telegram channel based on fundamental analysis. The channel currently has more than 2,462 subscribers enjoying free long-term (intraday and swing) currency trading signals.

This channel is very reliable when it comes to giving out free fundamental analysis-based forex signal updates. The high caliber of the posts on this channel will make you glad you did. For your benefit, BeSomebodyFX Forex Signals (Fundamental) also makes available technical evaluations of their study.

Pros and Cons of BeSomebodyFX Forex Signals (Fundamental):

  • You will receive fewer trade indications but more information on this channel.
  • Suitable technical and fundamental analysis will be used to thoroughly investigate the signals.
  • Additionally, the administrator offers free calls and expresses thoughts regarding the currency trading signals.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive the most important guidance regarding forex signals.
  • BeSomebodyFX Forex Signals (Fundamental) currently have 2,462+ subscribers, and this number is rising as a result of the postings’ excellent caliber and regularity.

5. MQL5 Trade Forex Signals

And last but not least, mql5 Trade Forex Signals. mql5 services help traders to not only trade on financial markets, but also to earn from their knowledge in a variety of ways. They provide direct access to traders’ terminals, which means access to millions of people and millions of dollars.

In terms of copy trading, the platform enables you to research the statistics of transactions and traders to choose who to mimic.

Profitability, whether the trader is buying or selling, the amount of pip orders, take-profit orders, stop-loss orders, etc. are some of the characteristics. You can view who they follow, how many people follow them, their win rate, their profile and loss profiles, visits to their profile, and who they copy.

Pros and Cons of MQL5 Trade Forex Signals:

  • Platforms that enable professional traders to create and market their trading signals to novices are available.
  • Before beginning professional trading, platforms that enable novices to copy deals without taking any risk are advised.
  • Professional traders should use leveraged auto copy trading. Additionally advised is combining automatic and manual copy trading.

List Of Trusted Forex Signals Telegram Groups Of 2023

If you’re looking for a list of the most reliable Telegram channels for forex trading, you should give the list below a look. Best Forex Telegram Channels in Worldwide.

1. Ultreos Forex Signals
2. Forex Signal Club – Group
3. SimpleTradeFx
4. Forex Trading Group
5. Elliott Waves Forex
7. Free Forex Signals- FxLifeStyle
8. Trading Puzzles


Forex signals does work, but they should be considered risky. Since most retail traders lose money, their signals are also unprofitable. Go forward if you can find a reliable signal provider.

Remember that the magnitude of the trade is typically not disclosed in a signal, therefore you must independently apply the risk management guidelines.

The fact that you will most likely receive 60% of the unsuccessful signals and 40% of the successful ones is more significant. Sounds awful? Actually, this ratio is good. Simply put, your TP should be around 50% (in pip units) higher than your SL. Any signal provider should always be tested first on a demo account.

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